Creme de la creme

Step inside and let bliss begin to take you on a journey to a more beautiful you. Chez Aesthete has found a new home in lovely Lake Oswego Oregon. Over the years those of you who have followed me may have had your favorite of my 3 locations in the Bay Area or even my private studio in Beaverton but alas the new spot may just be the Creme de La creme! I am so excited to begin this journey with those of you who I have recently met and those of you who followed me to Oregon. For the future clients whom I have not yet met, I cant wait to meet you and your beautiful face!

Begin your journey with me as we discover together what you need and what may frustrate you with your current skincare. My goal is to get to know you and become your personal skin Guru and even skin detective when the need arises!
Focusing on you starts with simple things like drinking enough water, did you know that most people are usually dehydrated. I am a stuck record with the must have a humidifier in your bedroom and office especially in the winter. Dry skin/dehydrated skin is much improved with the simple things first.

Skinfully Yours,

Ann Marie

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