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10 Reasons to Get a Chez Aesthete Facial

  1. Expert skin analysis
  2. Professional-strength treatments
  3. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Evens out skin tone
  5. Clears acne and reduces scarring
  6. Soothes and reduces redness
  7. Helps detect skin abnormalities early
  8. Rids men’s beards of bumps
  9. You’ll learn about skincare from a professional
  10. You’ll receive a personal customized home care skincare plan

"We brush and floss our teeth daily and get a deep cleanse at the dentist 2 x a year.. so why wouldn't you see a professional to care for your skin each season?  Assure your skin is glowing and have a facial at least 4 times per year."

-Ann Marie

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Creme de la creme

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Brands We Carry

Designed to deliver visible results. Ann Marie is very selective about the skincare products she uses and recommends.

Comments from some of our clients

"I’ve been a client of Chez Aesthete for at least a decade. I’ve been the beneficiary of Ann Marie Jenkins’ expertise, of her respect for personal dignity, and of her understanding that feeling joy about the condition in which one appears in the world is fundamental to a sense of well-being."

Lyn Hejinian, Professor, UC Berkeley

"Ann Marie Jenkins is a highly skilled clinical aesthetician who over many years has proven her ability to accurately analyze her clients’ skin. Her ability to do so has aided in keeping her clients healthy due to early detection of skin abnormalities. She also advises her clients on all the up-to-date cosmetic procedures available. I would recommend her with confidence."

Dr. Ed Becker, MD, Dermatology

"Chez Aesthete has been treating my skin for over 15 years. I owe all the compliments I receive on my skin to Ann Marie. Since moving to Sonoma I have experienced other facials and the results were not as good, my skin misses Ann Marie’s experience and expertise she is absolutely the best!"

Rick Guiterrez

“A facial at Chez Aesthete is a peaceful and welcoming retreat from the world. The bonus is leaving with a glowing face after she patiently works away at refining my skin. An amazing skin advocate, she set me up with a personalized skin care regimen that fits both my lifestyle and my skin and that I have been able to easily maintain for the past 7 years. Ann Marie is passionate about skin care and my skin thanks her!”

Priscilla Call Essert

There's scores of aestheticians in the East Bay but I have continually been seeing Ann Marie because she KNOWS skin. She's so informed and stays current and becomes so intimate with your skin, she knows your facial patterns and anticipates what you'll need (ie: next visit, I think we should skip a facial and do a hydration mask instead ) because of the condition she forecasts or the current climate and how it's affecting you. I started to develop these raised areas on my forehead. it was just oil trapped under my skin. They were making me crazy. Ann Marie recommended I do a series of peels to have a chance of getting closer to the source. There were no guarantees and I knew that. It was just a hormonal change in my skin. I kept up the skin care products and facials because sometimes we would get a sliver of success in reducing the bumps. I also made an appt with a dermatologist to see if there was anything more I could do. "You risk scarring if we attack them surgically, your best bet is to follow your aesthetician's advice and stay with the peels."So I did. Unbelievably and with total surprise, I had a facial one time and one of the biggest glands just fell apart. I heard Ann Marie yelp. It had just gradually moved closer to the surface over time with all the peels and facials, that it dissipated. That biggest bump was now nice and smooth. I was ECSTATIC! Taking care of your skin and looking dewey, rejuvenated and youthful, is a privilage. For sure. And it costs something to stay that way. But if you value your appearance and just want to look your best it's worth it. Ann Marie will get you there. She's direct, tells it like it is, and works your skin like it is her art canvas. We want to look astounding but SHE takes pride in making that happen. Visit her and get pampered and look glorious.

Michelle Medieros