Spring into Summer Or Winter?

Get ready for serious sunscreen and hats, hats and more hats!

Wait unless it snows again… At this rate be prepared for anything…

HOW YOU ASK? With a free virtual aesthetician consultation with yours truly.

Book your consultation at https://www.chezaesthete.com then shop on my store until you are all stocked up for summer fun!

Get a free travel size cleanser for that amazing summer trip with the purchase of an SPF.

Got ?’s about SPF’S I Got Answers! 

It is cancer awareness month and early detection of melanoma saves lives.

Protect your skin, clothing, hats and always use a high quality SPF 30 and above.

Sitting under a tree in the shade only blocks out 5% of the sun’s rays so keep on the hat.

Poolside sipping a Pina Colada despite the whopping 700 calories !! Fun in the sun, well unfortunately the umbrella that you are under only blocks 17% of the sun’s rays. Once again keep your hat on! It’s your face and you want to prevent aging like an alligator. Have fun with your hats buy them with a huge brim and just imagine a glamorous Italian beauty seaside on the Amalfi coast. 

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