Oh my Lucky Charms!

Don’t leave your complexion up to the Luck Of The Irish..

A regular routine that includes a weekly mask will have your skin more radiant, balanced and glowing. The time is well spent in the treatment of your face and even though it may be easier to just skip it and not take the time the results are worth it. The reality is most people spend more time thinking about that face mask that they bought and should be using than actually  using it. Like Nike so brilliantly and boldly stated “Just Do it” It’s your face! Morning, noon or night just grab that mask put it on and multi task, mask and brush your teeth, mask and read, mask and brush your cat, mask and make the bed, or really spoil yourself and mask once a weekly whilst having a luxurious oil bath. One of my favorite green masks for St.Patty’s day is the iLike  organic 7 herb treatment mask with a potpourri of fresh herbs and plants such as aloe, stonecrop, honey, zinc and lemon grass just to name a few of these powerhouse ingredients that will nourish, soothe and brighten your skin tone eliminating a dull lifeless complexion whilst also removing impurities and preventing break outs before they have a chance to happen. Enhance your charm with a flawless clear and bright complexion!


Skinfully Yours,

Ann Marie Jenkins

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