Happy New Year with Back to Basics!


As I always say “you only have one face to last you a lifetime!”

Practicing good skincare improves the look and feel of your skin also protects it and preserves the glow.  With just a few minutes each morning and each night you’ll be investing in your face for life.  It is not like people don’t notice your face when you are in front of them,  make sure you are putting your best face forward.

The one very essential step to brighter skin is to always cleanse each and every night.  Removing make-up and pollutants that have collected on your face during the day keep it healthier and brighter.  This cleansing also prepares your skin to recieve treatment products that will go to work as you sleep.

All the cleansing products at Chez Aesthete are gentle and will not over-strip the skin of precious hydration nor compromise the skin’s barrier.  Having a cleanser you love makes cleansing enjoyable and the fresh clean feel is a good way to embark on your subconscious sleep journey.  With your skin clean your only 1 minute away from being ready for bed. 1 minute scheduled for beauty…

It’s your face!




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